Secret Spaces: Cursed Karst, collograph, etching, chine colle, 2014, 15"x22" 

Every Which Way, etching, 2014, 22"x30" 

Cautionary Privacy, collograph, etching, chine colle, 2014, 30"x40" 

Secret Spaces: Way Out Back, collograph, etching, and chine colle, 2013, 15"x22" 

A series of print work for my cumulative MFA Thesis exhibition. Circulating around the ideas within the tradition of landscape art, where the term picturesque refers to a view where the human presence is apparent.  I have used this history to create print works that communicate an exploration of human psyche through constructed space. Open land represents possibilities while the more confined environments allow for the communication of tension or anxieties that we encounter on a day to day basis - literally at times feeling as though the walls are moving in on us. Holes serve as absences or earth being dug up, displaced, or tunneled through to reference the retrieval and archival of memory.  In this constructed world, fences demarcate areas in this uncharted psychological territory.

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Secret Spaces: Among the Trees, collograph, etching, chine colle, 2013, "15 x 22" 

A Buried Retrieval, collograph, etching, chine colle, 2014, 30"x40" 

Day Dream Deja Vu, collograph, etching, chine colle, 2014, 15"x22"